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Motherboard doesn't reconize memory.

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I have a gigabyte motherboard, a few years old. It has 3 DIMM DRR memory slots. The manual said it has 4 buses, 2 of them are on DIMM1, and DIMM 2 + 3 each have one, not sure what that means though.

Anyways I have 3 memories:

2 x 512 DDR400 Kingston sticks

1 x 256 DDR233 Samsung stick.

I put all 3 sticks in, but the mobo only reconizes the two 512 sticks [1GB], the extra 256mb would help, so anyone know why it's not reconizing it?


- Tomer

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tried that, the computer started beeping on startup so I changed it back...

now it's:

dimm1: 512

dimm2: 256 [not reconized]

dimm3: 512

anybody else know what to do?

- Tomer

ok the 2 512mb sticks have to be togeather. try putting a 512 in the first slot, and second slot, and the 256 in the third.

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