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Passive Antenna's for Cell Phones


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Are the "Passive Antenna's" for cell phones worth a dam???  Can they really help with transmitting much less reception?  Or are they just a bunch of smoke and mirrors????  Any experience or tech knowledge responses greatly appreciated. Hope this is not a duplicate query !!!!  Thanks in advance.


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"Shark" Fin External Cellphone Antenna

Passive signal repeater extends the range of your cell phone and improves signal quality without directly connecting to your phone

Reduce dropped calls and static noises and help to stabilize

High performance glass mount design works through the glass without any drilling.

Installation takes only a few minutes.  Mounts on rear window.  No cable connection required.  The "shark fin" mounts on the outside as shown in the picture to the left.  A small coupling box mounts on the inside of rear wind shield.  All mounting is done using the included self adhesive tabs.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions by using the included alcohol pad to properly prepare the surface of the windshield

hm. in one word? BULLSHIT!

let's see. passive repeater antenna. ok. so it's passive. means it has no power source of its own. and it is a repeater. meaning what? it takes the signal it receives and retransmits it.

however, it has no power source of its own. so all it can do is use the signal it received to power the transmission it itself makes. the efficiency of converting part of the signal received into electrical power to power the transmitter while using the part of the signal to tell the transmitter what to transmit should be low to nil so if it does actually transmit anything it will be much less than it actually received.

as for the small internal connection box that is supposed to beam the signal from the inside to the outside through the glass: if it actually did that it would just add a second level of using part of the signal to power a transmitter etc. etc. etc. eating more of your usable signal.

the best case: you shell out 23 bucks plus S&H for a nice stick-on fake antenna.

worst case: you lose signal strength because the antenna actually eats most of the signal that is sent in its direction.

my advice: take the 23 bucks plus shipping and go see a movie and get yourself a nice steak at sizzler.

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