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  1. momma t - That was great. Thank you. Very fitting. :smitten:
  2. Thanks ALL. Life may not begin at 69 but at least I HOPE it continues. YA'LL ARE THE GREATEST here on TMN. Jim ( EWO )
  3. Girl after my own heart with George M. Cohan and the memorable James Cagney. Going back to the days. Thx. pixiepistlz
  4. Just watched it. I like it.
  5. After Gustav Pictures Here are some pics in Biloxi, MS. and Bay St. Louis, MS. Plus are some pics taken in Grand Isle, La. The perils of Hurricanes
  6. OUTSTANDING !!! LOVE IT !! :smitten: :smitten:
  7. Rebel as in Southern or as in Attitude or going against convention?? The South shall rise Again !!!
  8. Now there is a man telling like it is and not mincing any words.
  9. Nothing special. Just one man doing a job he was trained to do. One of many everywhere
  10. Well mine is for my aircrew position while I was in the Air Force. EWO - stands for " Electronic Warfare Officer " SAC B-52's 15th Air Force, 93rd Bomb Wing, 330th Bomb Squadron 1st Lt. (also rated as navigator.)
  11. I say again " Great Letter Home " regardless Real or Fake !!!!! :smitten: :smitten:
  12. That is a GREAT letter home. Telling it like it is !!!!! Thanks Tommie for the post. Good Job !!!
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