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Comcast "PowerBoost" proven unuseful

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The problem now though, is that speed test databases will be filled with this "boosted speed", and not the connections' "true speed". Which then ends up averaging Comcast's speeds a bit higher (quite a bit actually) than what they actually are. Which then, Comcast can use this information to convince people like you and I to keep Comcast, or even better yet, they could even be targetting people to pay the extra $10 for the greater boost.

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you did alot of swtiching around there.

Upload stayed about the same  :haha:

I loved that REAL 10 Mbps "upgrade" though... until it just "disappeared" 3 months later. And yes, the speed was stable. Only took like 15 min to download a 600 MB file.

probally so people cant share stuff via bittorrent, and also so they cant run a very good server.

About the server thing, I ran a CS:S Server for my clan's scrim (back in year 2005 in january) and it could only run a 10 people server. If more people had to play, it eventually was lagging badly (everyone had like 100+ ms ping and eventually into the 500's). They were all complaining about the lag too ;)

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