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Hi everybody. First time posting here and I have a doubt. If you can help please reply.

Sometimes i get these processes WinAdCtl.exe and WinAdAlt.exe to run.. after i open the task manager they disappear... I close the task manager and i re-open it again and the suckers are there again, but will disappear again...

Any ideas what this is? They are a "SYSTEM" processes

You can see the process in a report on this link below (in the Process List  section).


Any help? Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in.

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from processlibrary.com

Description:  winadctl.exe is is an advertising program. This process monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analysis. This also prompts advertising popups. This program is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately. Please see additional details regarding this process

Recommendation:  DISABLE AND REMOVE IMMEDIATELY. This process is most likely an adware or spyware.

read more on: http://www.processlibrary.com/directory/files/winadctl/

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my recomendation:


- spybot search and destroy


- Ad-Aware SE


- Avast anti virus


These are all free - try and boot your computer into safe mode - which will work most likely by pressing the F8 key while your computer is first starting up - update spyware/virus definitions on all 3 of these, and scan away - it should get rid of the most problems you have

You can also try and work with HijackThis (http://www.merijn.org/) which will allow you to manually remove some spyware/adaware entries


ewido anti-spyware is one of my new favorites - it does a great job at what the rest leaves off


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