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A man walks into a bar and calls for quiet. Listen up, people. 50 bucks to the man that can cheer up my horse. He has been crying for 3 months straight now, he is so depressed i can't even get him to canter, and i am sick and tired of taking forever to get around.

A guy steps away from the bar and tells him he's game. He goes outside with him, and the fellow looks the horse over. It is a magnificent stallion, but it is extremely depressed, sniffling softly into it's feed bag.

He leans in close and whispers something in the horse's ear. almost immediately the horse starts chuckling, in the end dropping to the ground and rotfl. The owner happily pays the 50 bucks, and pulls the horse to it's feet. He mounts and the horse gallops off, a spring in it's step.

A few weeks later the same horseowner comes back into the bar. He says that his horse has been laughing for a few weeks on end now, won't hardly feed, and frankly the constant shaking is making him sick when he rides it. He asks if someone can get it into a less humorous state of mind, this time offering 100 dollars.

The same guy from a few weeks ago gets up, walks outside and leads the horse around the corner. A moment later, the familiar sobbing of the horse is heard once again. The man comes around the corner, grinning, and collects his fee, then settles back at the bar, orering a drink.

the barkeeper looks at him and asks, puzzled, what in the hell did you do to that horse? The guy chuckles and says well, a few weeks ago i told him i was hung better than he was. The barkeeper laughs and asks what he did today. The guy just grins and says 'I proved it'.

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