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Dual Boot : Windows and Linux on the same system


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GUIDE : Using Linux and Windows on one machine at the same time

This guide will show you how you can (easily) use windows and linux (no matter what version) at the same time on the same machine. This not only gives you the security of Linux, but also the functionality of Windows, in one.

Why use this? Well, installation of Linux can be frustrating, and problemsome at times. Plus, many programs do not work on linux. Most importantly, using Linux and Windows in 1 gives you much more security against malicious programs such as spyware, adware, viruses, and worms.

Who can use this? Anyone! The installation of Linux and Windows on the same machine takes only about 10 minutes and even a child can do it. If you're looking for more security which is offered by Linux, this is for you.

System Requirements (according to VMware FAQ's)

Intel or AMD processor 400 MHz

128 MB ram

150MB free disk space

Recommended specs:

Intel pentium 4 2 GHz or any AMD 2000+ processor

1024MB ram

5 GB free disk space

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive (for knoppix)

An internet connection

NOTE : Ive ran it on a PC with half those specs, it works, but its choppy

STEP 1 : Downloading and installing VMWare Player

You can download VMWare player at


the newest version would probably be the best, but as I am writing this guide, i am using version 1.0.2

Follow the steps in VMWare player installation (no configuration is required here)

STEP 2 : Downloading KNOPPIX

I am using knoppix 5.0 CD edition, which can be found at http://www.knoppix.org/ (for English version use the flags on the top of the screen). You can download the DVD version, which probably has allot more options than the CD version, but for the average user, the CD version is fine. Also, once you click on any of the mirrors, you should scroll down till you see the latest version with a -EN at the end, that indicates the CD is in English, not Dutch. And for those who didn't know, you download the .ISO, not the .md5 or anything else.

Next, you burn the .iso image onto a CD using any burning software (Nero, Alcohol 120).

STEP 3 : Downloading VMXWizard


thats all you need to do for this step

if you do not have the .net framework


thats the link.

STEP 4 : Installing Linux on VMWare

First, insert the KNOPPIX CD/DVD into the CD/DVD drive on your computer.

Click start > Program Files > VMXWizard > VMXWizard

Click Next, For type, select Other, for Memory to Allocate, 128MB is the minimum, if you have 512 MB RAM, 256 would be OK, and for 1024 and up, 512MB is good enough. Click Next.

Under New Disk, 5000 megabites is fine, unless you plan to install allot of software on the linux, then you should consider a larger amount. Click Next.

Under the CD ROM options screen, select Use CD-ROM Device (Auto Detect). Click Next.

Under Network Options you shouldn't change anything. Click Next.

For the next screen, name the OS anything you like, and select the directory you want. Click next, and next again, then make sure the Launch Created Machine button is selected and click OK.

When you launch VMWare Player with the Linux, at first you should get a screen which tells you to press Enter to launch KNOPPIX. Press Enter. It will then display a loading screen (which looks like command prompt) and it will then launch your Desktop, and open a internet browser with KNOPPIX documentation. To make sure your internet works, open google.com, or testmy.net. If everything works fine, you're done! You can now safely use Linux to browse the internet, and use all your other programs in Windows.

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