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The Truth about Hell


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It is not his first attempt at twisting the truths that lay behind religion as a whole ...so don't pay any attention to it.  I'll pick through it later and provide you with a "counter" report that will be "Truth" ...whether it agrees with what you were raised to believe or not.  :)  No harm intended.  But what I have to say is based upon over 48yrs of experience, and a great many years of being a Reverend ....and TOO MANY YEARS OF DEALING WITH CRACKPOTS LIKE THAT SOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL....

The Reverend

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Thank you rlh24.  It is not that I want to RUN anything (God Forbid!), but when it comes to questions of that nature (and that idiot on the presented website), I MUST present myself as a Reverend because I AM a Reverend, and thus it is the right thing to do, and the only thing to do.  I took an oath to such things and will not break an oath to God, whoever or whatever God may truly be.  It is as simple as that. I have over 1.2 million followers within what I minister for religion.  I do not charge ONE penny because it is not needed .....and God does not need money either for that matter.  :)

It is a VERY sensitive subject, but for those that seek knowledge in such things, I tell Truths only, and I will only discuss such things via e-mail to keep all things confidential.  :)

I am sure you can understand my position, and I graciously thank you for you stated opinion as such things are the greatest treasures of life.  :)

"The Reverend"

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