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cox increase speed to 12mbps and decreasing monthly cost in Sierra Vista,AZ


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Nah that is all fine. A rare few  folks would not even bother responding when it gets fixed. Glad you did, and also said what fixed it too. I also noticed this is the only place to have to clean out the temp files too. But as long as proper speeds are registered, I really am fine with it the way it is also.  :grin2:

Nothing is really elementary on here, technology is changing constantly daily. So it can't be.  :wink2:

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. [nerdly]Hey, a few posts 'up' I outlined which 3 changes finally got me my 12/1 from Cox here...It's all true, as far as it went! I forgot to mention the *first* thing(s) I did, previous to those 3 things:

Namely, got myself to Cablenut, DSLnut. I'd looked at every 'tool' I could find to tweak the tcp/ip and "network" control panel settings in general..to fit my setup perfectly. I did take liberties in this site:


Perhaps I should say, "I experimented" with different Rwin values but all the rest I kept as was..mostly, straight out of the 'Calculator bits/Bytes' from that site above. My connection seems to 'like' 513920 in both DefaultRcvWindow(Rwin) and GlobalMaxTcpWindoSize. I have an extremely simple setup here so many suggestions for 'networked computers' etc. do NOT pertain to me.

So, hang out here...if you're not meeting your 'tier'!! :laugh:

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Well dang me, dang me...they ought to take a rope and hang me!!!

At least I realized the OTHER *first thing*  (besides Cablenut/Dslnuts) that I did prior to getting to where:

1. Installed an ethernet NIC (vs usb)

2. Moved modem and all nearest line-in here

3. Run speed tests with no firewall up (yes Tommie, after clearing Temporary Internet Files) }

The light dawns that I *also* used Tcp Optimizer from here:


See also:



http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutME98.php (but that's 'me' :grin2: other OS's a-plenty)


. o O ( hmm...this too )



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Oh yeah Tommie, I'm 'there'... :cheesy:

So, am I 100% happy now? Hmmm...still twiddling and tweedle-dumming with my F/W to figure which combo of least wrong blocks/allows gives fewest patches of random disconnects. It should be 'formulaic', but...I'm still twiddling for fewer 'disconnectivity' episodes. Other than that? Coming up roses @};- Thanks! [nerd]

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On follow-up, by Jove, I think I've got it!! Cobbled together just enough 'rules' and since doing so, well....knock plywood but looking good re: 'disconnectivity'.

Been so long since it's been staying connected even for 24 hours, I'll be somewhat expecting trouble still. Looks good recently though. Dang firewall. Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. :wink:

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