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Requesting Help On Installing GeForce 7800 GS OC 256MB 4x/8x AG BEEP


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Ok, well I'm still on AGP and I bought the best card I could possibly get for it just today. However, I'm having a few problems with installation.

I insert the card and screw it in. When I boot up the computer, I seem to get a neverending BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP from the card. My monitor turns on but as soon as I plug it into the card, it will shut off. What could be the problem? I think it has something to do with my system power supply, but I'm not sure. If I am not mistaken, this is a power supply:


It says I am supposed to plug my 4-pin connector into my system power supply, but I find it in the case and there are no 4-pin slots for it. There are slots for the 4-pin connectors but they look as if they are my CD drives and one of them is my hard drive. I find the component with the fan and the power switch on the side inside the case, and find no 4-pin connector slots. Please help me out.

Edit: The problem was my power supply! It was not connected correctly. My graphics card came with a 4-pin cord, so I connected one end of it to the card and just tried to find a slot for it with the other end. I tried for about 2 hours, nothing worked. This time, I used my brain. There were cords coming out of what I thought was the power supply. 4-pin cords, one end already connected to it. I connected the other end to my graphics card and it worked. Geez, give me an extra cord to confuse the hell out of me! I'm really sorry guys for wasting this forum space. I tried so long before, went to a friend's house, came back and got it the first 5 minutes. Anyway, I'll be off enjoying my new card now! Peace!

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Did you split one of the 4 pin connectors, and run power to the video card?

What size is your power supply?  It requires a 350 watt minimum.  If your power supply is below 350 watts, there is your problem.

You should have gotten a y-cable with the video card.  Find a 4 pin connector with the least devices attached to it, and use the y-cable, and run one to your video card, and the other to whatever was originally hooked up.

They should have included one of these...


You should see the spot to plug in the cable on the video card...

Looks like(and is) just a cd/ata drive power plug.

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Yeah they did include one of those, but that just confused me and gave me problems. I could've even see the slot in my power supply because it was so jumbled with cords in there. I just took the cords coming out of the power supply and connected one to the graphics card and it worked!

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I have the same card, and I like it a lot, let me stretch my agp system a little longer..

I play BF2 @ the highest settings with everything on, in 1280x1024 with no lag...

You can also go into bios, and check what the AGP aperture size is set to...

I've read different things about sizing it, but most say 128 is ok for 64mb-256mb cards..

I have it set to 256, which just allocates more system ram to video..Since I have 3 gigs of ram, I have some to spare..

For an AGP card, it's pretty damn good, IMO.

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