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You can do what you like with these.

I just see a lot of ppl asking about just some basic things about their dishs and these have alot of information in them.

I don't know if most ppl would have these or not i know my installer did not give me any kind of manual i think they don't want you to have them.

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In a short period of time, the file sizes for these things will be fairly much unlimited.  Just a matter of how long it takes CA3LE to lock into my Server (well, everyone's new server) so that we can get rid of the present file size limits .....which drive me crazy since everything I have is over 10megs it seems.

TY Lance.....I am reading everything right now that you have kindly posted.  I had the 2nd one but don't ask me what happened to it.  The other two are "news" to me and "on the money"  (and will save alot of typing in the future)!  Phew!


The Reverend

I'll check them out thoroughly to see if there are any goofs or addons since they were published.  May just take all three and merge the info into one large document.  I am working on a book of info that includes everything I've already posted along with others, in PDF format, and should have it ready in a month or two.  They I will just keep cranking out updates and "tweaking' files for it (that do the tweaking automatically to save headaches and time for everyone).  Fair enough?

Cheers ....and give Lance an Applause on THOSE contributions if you wish! 

The Reverend

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