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Road Runner e-mail Problems Continue

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I just received this afternoon (10/20/06) the following message from Time Warner Cable (TWC):

Attention former Adelphia e-mail users:

You may have previously received an e-mail message or letter from Time Warner Cable stating that you should activate your Road Runner Account as soon as you see a message directing you to the Activation Wizard. If you have not yet taken this step, we are advising you to continue to wait for direction to complete this process.

Your Adelphia.net e-mail will continue to function normally. If you have already successfully switched over to the Roadrunner.com e-mail system you do not need to take any further action.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with your Roadrunner or Adelphia.net email account, please contact our technical support agents at the following phone numbers:


Local Toll Numbers

Carlsbad 760/707-1000 

Fallbrook  760/929-9185 

Desert Hot Springs 760/288-7840 

Yucca Valley  760/365-0200 

Main Numbers

San Diego  858/695-3220 

Desert Cities  760/340-2225



Our agents are awaiting your call and are fully prepared to address any questions you may have.

(End of Message)

Please note the transition from Adelphia to TWC in the above areas began last Saturday morning.  TWC is just now admitting they screwed up big time.  As I wrote before, I was able to find the stuff I needed to start my Road Runner e-mail by poking around the TWC web pages.  Even then, it was awhile before my e-mail would work, which may have been caused by overloaded servers.  My Adelphia e-mail seeming stopped working, but that problem could also have been caused by overloaded servers.

I spoke to the manager of a nearby business about the conversion problem.  She said they were without any Internet service from Saturday morning to sometime Tuesday.

Currently, my Road Runner service, including e-mail, is working OK.  However, the downloading and uploading speeds remain about 400 Kbps (as measure by testmy.net) below what they typically were before the change.  I'm sure TWC would tell me my speeds are within the acceptable range for my type of service.  Maybe the speeds will come back once TWC gets their act together.

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