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New Member - same issues


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New member to the board but from reading others posts, I see I'm not alone in the "sllllloooowww" world of D Way.

My d-load this AM was 172kbs & I too am having difficulty getting into my secure bank sites etc...

I have not downloaded any of the software programs you have spoke of in other posts nor have I attempted to "tweak" IE, figured best not to mess with things & complicate matters worse. Seems that may have been the right choice based on all other feedback I see here posted.

Still though, am looking for any help etc...regarding the "slow" speeds & access to my secure sites...or do I merely "attempt" to be patient and see if BIG brother (D-Way) acheives the desired fixes/speed I'm paying for...

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Hi there MasterGunz and welcome to www.Testmy.net!

What do you mean?  This forum is LOADED with speed tips for anyone!  :)  The one I just posted to attenton all 6000 users would help you alot.

As far as your getting into bank sites (https), I think I have the answer but nobody has tried it since I posted it last night.

In your browser, click on Tools -------->Internet Options ----------> Security ---------------now click on TRUSTED SITES then click on the SITES button ...add in the URL you are trying to access and make sure that box under it is checked.  Okay your way out, reboot, pray then give'r a whirl.  If still no go, go back in and uncheck that box , make your way back out.  Close then open yur browser and see if that did the trick.

Good Luck my friend!

*never wait on DWay.  Come here.  We get things done unless it is truly a problem at NOC (and with a speed like that you are either having a MAJOR problem with your satellite or something is terribly wrong.  Today is very fast alll over, except for a few ppl on Horizons 1 and several on G3C. 

So, check out the fixes in this forum, such as going into your browswer  Tools, ----->Internet Optionss ------> Connections ------LAN Setting and in there 'check" both proxy boxes and leave them that way forever because it wll never change (if you ever run LCCU it wil uncheck these boxes to be sure to recheck them if you ever do, now click on the ADVANCED button and make sure it says and Port 87 at the top.  Below, in the Exceptions box you'll see a space ...........please cut and past this data into it:


Now Okay your way back out, try your speed test again.  If no good try rebooting and then the speed test here again (use the 2992 file for accuracy ...and remember this is a business day so the later it get the slower we go). By 7PM thing ar bac k to normal.

If none of that works you will STILL want to keep it and as I mentioned, reference my latest post regarding speed.  I was given all new data this morning from NOC by fax ...so here's your chance!

Good Luck and don't be afraid to hollar if you need additional assistance.  Fair enough? 

Hey!!!!!!!!  We are happy to have you as you sound like a cool guy.  TY for dropping in!


The Reverend ;)

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Thanks Rev,....I chceked my connections setting & both proxy boxes were checked and under the ADVANCED tab my top line did read & Port 87.. in addition my second line SECURE reads the following: Port 81  and finally the exception blank area reads direcwaysupport.com; as opposed to the DirecWaysupport;192.168.0.* you had in your reply. Will any of these make a difference?

And for trying to post a URL to the Trusted Sites box...I can't for first I have to be able to access the site "normally...(i.e. none Https) and once I type the user & pw info, then it would send me to the secure...I can't even get to the simple site such as www.usaa.com or navyfcu.org

So that's where I'm at...don't know if that helps understand my problems..oh yeah, I checked back over my records & my sig strength is now 77 vice a previous 88...any ideas on any of this?

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