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I've seen comments that the DW6000 is optimized for IE.  I've been using the special Dway TurboMozilla, and it seems that for browsing (especially to https sites) to be faster that IE.

Has anyone else played with TurboMozilla?


DW6000 1420 Signal Strength 74 | W2K Pro Athlon 1.2 overclocked to 1.6

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Hi there bmillham,

Welcome to Testmy.Net!!  I really hate to lay this on ya, but DWay doesn't support that browser because it is FULL of freaking holes (security) and if you set up an IE6 to my latest specs, Turob, or FireFox won't hold a candle to it.  All day yesterday it was tried, but the new math I laid on them doesn't lie ....IE "rules" if you are using a Dway SATCOM (satellite communications) connection.

Please ditch that puppy and get yourself into a fullblown IE6 (SP2 if possible), and you'll rock the house.  Otherwise, it is just a matter of time before somebody gets into your machine and takes you out.  I used to wear one of those "blackhats" ....so please trust me!  Dump it.  It was a bad idea designed mostly to get into https sites ....but you can't trust security to Dway!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, they left it up "for show" .....but few are using it because of that reason.

I"ll help ya all the way.  Post me, email me, IM me ....I'll get to you as fast as I can. 

Cheers!....and ty for joining us!  (yu won't regret it)!!!!!

The Reverend

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