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A little humor amidst the confusion


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If restaurants functioned like Direcway...

Patron: Waiter!

Waiter: Hi, my name is Ahmed, but you may call me Simon... I'll be your Support Waiter. What seems to be the problem?

Patron: There's a fly in my soup!

Waiter: Try again, maybe the fly won't be there this time.

Patron: No, it's still there.

Waiter: Maybe it is the way you're using the soup; try eating it with a

fork instead.

Patron: Even when I use the fork, the fly is still there.

Waiter: Maybe the soup is incompatible with the bowl; what kind of bowl

are you using?

Patron: A SOUP bowl!  :angry4:

Waiter: Hmmm, that should work. Maybe it's a configuration problem;

how was the bowl set up?

Patron: You brought it to me on a saucer; what has that to do with the

fly in my soup?!

Waiter: Can you remember everything you did before you noticed the fly

in your soup?

Patron: I sat down and ordered the Soup of the Day!

Waiter: Have you considered upgrading to the latest Soup of the Day?

Patron: You have more than one Soup of the Day each day??

Waiter: Yes, the Soup of the Day is changed every hour.

Patron: Well, what is the Soup of the Day now?

Waiter: The current Soup of the Day is tomato.

Patron: Fine. Bring me the tomato soup, and the check.

I'm running late now.

Waiter leaves and returns with another bowl of soup and the check.

Waiter: Here you are, Sir. The soup and your check.

Patron: This is potato soup.

Waiter: Yes, the tomato soup wasn't ready yet.

Patron: Well, I'm so hungry now, I'll eat anything.

Waiter leaves.

Patron: Waiter! There's a gnat in my soup!  :sad2:

The check:

Soup of the Day ................................... $5.00

Upgrade to newer Soup of the Day .................. $2.50

Access to support ................................. $1.00 


Copied from an old M$ support joke... the names have been changed to protect the guilty.. errr, innocent!!

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There may be more truth to that than you think! You see, the need for low-level tech support is in great need, so many companies are forming, training people to work in a variety of environments to where they know NOTHING about what you are talking about, but they have access to help screens, manuals and at least one REAL tech.  So, they may get a DirecWay call one minute, and then the next time it is for a Dell problem ...get the picture?

Low Level Tech Support is getting to be a real joke because of this, and it is a bad reflection on the companies that are doing this to their customers.  So, check into who is providing the support for your new computer or TV or Airplane before laying your money on the table.  I was taught my lesson the hard way.  DWay put the screws to me big time (which is why I am here putting them right back to'em)!  LOL..

Well, I am also here because I love this crazy place ....no damn games, just great people!


The Reverend

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lol, that is just about it!!! The interesting thing is that I think I have talked to the same guy each time! For a real shocker I think I got the same guy when I called DELL support!!!!!! :?

I think the Rev has pretty much nailed it. There's a real good possibility you talked to the same guy in multiple support cases.  I know I've talked to 'Simon' at least twice. I think his real name is Ahkkmed... you know that noise that sounds like they're hacking up a loogie?  Sumthin' like that...  :tongue2:

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