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Wild variations in download speeds


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I just bumped up my service to the 15/2 package.

I ran the speed optimizer.

I am spyware free. I have cleaned out my cache, and temp files. I am now measuring download speeds from 2 - 12 mg!

I am consistently in the 5-7 mg area.

I called Verizon Tech support, they lead me to a third party speed optimizer.

But no luck!, What is wrong, and what can I do!


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Welcome to the forum stevehas   :wave::welcome:

FIrst off are you using a router, and which one. Have you tried directly to the modem bypassing the router to see if it might be the culprit?

Second what did you set the dial to on the Optimizer?

Third what might be running in the background? Norton AV, anything besides the necessary items. click Ctrl+Alt+Delete will show runing processes. And you may stop their automatic turn on or off by going to start-run*type in "mconfig" and hit enter*click start up tab. Hope those worked.  :grin2:

Also did you check in safe mode to do the cleaning? If not that will make a difference. :wink2:

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I am using the Actiontec router supplied by Verizon.

I am also repeating the signal through an Apple Airport Extreme in another section of the house via an ethernet connection.

Both are capable of supporting the higher FiOs speeds.

My FiOs connection does not go through any modem, FiOs is is sent through an ONT mounted on my basement wall.

There are no routers with FiOs.

The Optimizer was set at 20000 by the Verizon tech rep via remote access to my PC.

Norton has been disbled for all of these tests.

I have not checked in safe mode only because there have not been any software installs, or downloads before the speed fluctuations started. I should point out that my speeds had been stable for the first two months of my service.

Thanks for your input.

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