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This just rolled in from E-Support @ DWay--Passing the buck as usual :)

The Reverend

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Welcome to DirecWay E-Support, it is our pleasure to assist you.

Hello Reverend, Thank you for using DirecWay E-support. I apologize for the frustation your have and are experiencing. Unfortunately, we at DirecWay E-support have very limited options. We cannot do real time troubleshooting. Only technical support, who you have been working with, though from your statements, not very successfully, can do that. We cannot change any service plans. I don't believe that this is possible, any way. Nor are we able to give you a 100% refund as you suggested. I am sure that the technical support engineers will be able to resolve your speed issues now that you have supplied them with the new algorithms for programming our systems. There are many levels of support and, eventually, this will be resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via Email or by calling DirecWay Billing Support at 1-866-347-3292, option2, option 3 during the Billing Department between the hours of 8:00am to 11:00pm Sunday-Saturday EDT. Again, thank you for using DirecWay E-Support.

Again, thank you for choosing DirecWay E-Support,



Isn't that something?

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you know, having operated as the tech support side i have to say that some users deserve no better. the one thing i have always tried to do is treat the next customer with a clean slate. otherwise, by the end of the day, my standard respons would be something like stfu, you fubared your system yourself, deal with it.

those that have never been on 24h a day 7 days a week call, spending all day with a cellphone that can go off at any minute, using 3 batteries to be able to charge one at home, have one in the phone and a spare ready to swap into the phone should it go dead have little understanding of what it's like to be woken up at 2 am in the morning by someone that kicked their lan cable out of the comp and can't get onto /their/ internet.

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Um, so what are ya saying?  This is their standard "canned" response.  Or are you sending me the quote from .s1 (who I am presently trying to deal with)?  I have logged over 240 hours on hold or talking with all levels of tech support.  Never at any time could any issue be resolved, and there is certainly nothing wrong with my present 'complex' ...I hope!  heheh....


The Rev

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mh. have reread my post and see it wasn't all to clear what i meant.

while it is in no way all right for a company to give cruddy support, the grunts on the front line get crapped on by the customer /and/ their bosses. they are only human, so a lack of effort or even just plain indifference is sadly to be expected sometimes.

the worse the taining situation is, and the worse the flow of information from the backoffice techs to the frontoffice techs is, the more frustrated the frontoffice becomes.

this only aggravates an already almost untenable situation.

i digress, again.

what i'm saying is you can of course expect the best support possible, but sometimes the frontoffice is just unable to deliver because they themselves are given the shaft, and sometimes they just dont give a damn because they have had it for the day. that's when these passing the buck incidents occur. sadly, once the buck has been passed, the passee usually ends up passing it on himself, since he doesn't want to end up with a real problem.

hm. i need a nap. i am too unclear. but it is a complex situation. and i agree that it sucks to be the one that ends up getting the runaround.

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I understand you perfectly now.  Yes.  Direcway has such low moral throughout they are slowly killing themselves and running their stateside business into the grround.  (I am investing in anything and everything that will/can possibly replace it).  hehe...  I've already got my fingers in their Upstream ...and I am looding at their various links to other companies (like Ground Control, CCDIFX Corp ....who haven't even made the books yet but have big bucks,, etc).  I think eventually they will have to either farm out their low-level support to a company that does it for a living - - or just pull out of the USA - - and leave every last customer hanging....which almost happened after that last Class Action Suit remember?  geesh!

"The Rev"

TY for the clarification.  I've been up over 48 and MAN it's gettin' tired out!

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