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tommie gorman

Ways to save money, with out a butt load of $$ ??

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Just some ideas floating in my head a bit. Old fashioned that still apply. New ones are also fine.

Trees. If you grow trees with lots of leaves they shade in the summer and allow in the solar heat in the winter. Like built in shades for your windows. I actually know with enough trees you drop the temp considerably in the house and yard. My back yard has 30+ trees. It definatley makes a diff in the shade of many mature trees.

Now on the north side you would want a wall of Evergreen types to block the cold north wind and the snow flying. Lower to the ground is better here.

Have you got any other ideas?? I will add many later.  :wink:

You may have to put on your thinking caps though.  :grin2:

Also a great place to put a hammock. But I haven't figured out how to make sure my kids don't take it over yet.  :whaa: ''

Also an all year christmas tree. Never will cost to buy and bring home for decoration.

Now why don't builders incorporate these into homes anymore?? They used to.  :icon_scratch:

Look at older homes.  :shock:

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I like the idea with the trees, but I live in the middle of town...there is no way to have that kind of shade or even the wall of evergreens...so those of us in town are just kind of boned!  :haha:

So what we are  doing is putting a pool in the back for the hot summer days :wink:

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