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i dont think im up to trying... my dad keeps saying its going to be 20k+ because he says contractors will wanna charge us by the foot[not the cable  lol] and im pretty sure a contractor wouldnt want to be paid by the foot :|

and then he says the cost of cable [copper] is alot ;/ i know it is, but i also know a contractor isnt going to want that much just for the work.... 

suddenlink said we would have to get, the cable , the contractors[suddenlink workers wouldnt do this], and whatever else i would need ;/

i wonder how fast the work would be though, would it take about a week to put down 3.5 miles of cable and everything? o_O

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i have a job[im 15]  but i need a car in a year ^^... which i already have that covered cause i been working since i was 14 ;p

the money is more then likely gonna come this timeshare my dad/mom put up for sell, which should be enough for cable[ i might have to put some money into it though lol]

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