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"Files Needed" Pop-Up During The Repairing of Windows?


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My computer all of a sudden just crashed on me, so I tried to boot it back up. I would just get a quick flash of blue when I saw the Windows logo and it would reboot itself again. I tried booting in safe mode and that worked, so I just took out my Windows CD and put it in. Now I'm trying to repair windows by pressing R on the selected partition and during the "Installing Devices" part I get a pop up saying:

"The file 'nv4_mini.sys' on NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Driver Library Installation Disk 1 is needed.

Type the path where this file is located, and then click OK"

Well it seems like I'm in trouble since the installation disabled both my mouse and keyboard, so I can't really do anything nor do I know where that file is anyway. I don't really feel like reformatting, so I was wondering if there was a workaround? By the way, there have been no recent software or hardware changes.

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