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Windows Vista and Verizon DSL quesiton

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Ok, Well I am planning on upgrading to Vista tonight. Problem is, I would like to wipe my harddrive fresh and install the Vista, but the Vista I had is only the upgrade, So Can I only install when XP is installed or? Question about DSL is that I do not have the startup kit they sent me. How can I install on a fresh system. I was used to my previous cable connection where I didnt need software. Thank you

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Guest kamil234

with the upgrade, you can only upgrade, you can't "fresh" install..

of course, there's allready a work around for that, but i forgot where i seen it.


as for the internet, i was able to go on instantly, without installing any drivers or anything, it was detected automatically. (yes, i have vista)

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Here is the workaround.. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=5932  The legality of it.. questionable.. However, just remember once you "upgrade" your XP licence will be voided.. meaning that you can not use it and expect to get system updates as it will not be genuine.

Hey, that's good to know. I, in fact used Win 2000 (as you don't have to activate it) on a separate hard drive to install Vista. I use removable hard drive drawers so I can swap between XP and Vista.

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