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Need to host some Counter-Strike servers, high ping.


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Hi everyone, I am using Qwest DSL, it is pretty nice, 1536kbps down 896kbps up.  Bandwidth wise it is fine, even under speed tests, all my server hardware is fine as well, it is just that this DSL in my area (my freinds have the exact same plan and are trying to host some servers up too), has high ping.

We are all getting pings of no less than 100-110ms which is a little high if we are going to get serious about our servers.  The average is around 80ms or so, and some really good servers down to 60ms.

We are on the same Qwest CO or hub or whatever, our IP's are the same except for the last 3 digits, and even when we connect to each others servers we get pretty high pings.

Just curious, is this a factor of Qwest itself or is there something we can do to optimize that?  Thanks a bunch.

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