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file site!!!!! HELP!!!


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:) As far as the legal issue, you are assuming they are breaking the law and that may no be so. A company like Blockbuster for instance pays a fee to make copies and rent the movie out. Now for the sake of discussion if they are not paying and are breaking the law, how this is done is one typical scenario a company is incorporated in another country ( or offshore) and then sets up several "shell" companies to hide true ownership. If the time comes when the company gets sued they take the money and run, or its not unusual that the officers of the company just pay a fine because they didn't break the law the corporation broke the law, and its hard to put a company in jail....LOL....but essentially that is how its done and there are many variations of this theme.... OBTW they give some shyster lawyer a fat check so he will instruct them on how to skirt the laws, and many countries don't honor our intellectual property rights... Hmmmmm thats not a bad scam..... :(
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  NO as I have stated before If score big then I am going to donate to the needy and for research in bad deise cure like aids!!! Also I would most defiantly not forget about you guys!!!! I have always been trying to come up with a idea to score big my hole life since I was about 8 maybe!!!! So I don't have to live in worrys all my life!!!!

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