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My Satelite Internet is SLOOOOOW


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Anyone out there having the same depressing problems that I am having??? I live in a fairly remote area so dial up is a joke DSL is non existant,Direcway was very expensive ...so I thought I would cut a Fat Hog in the But...so to speak  I have a terrible time with both upload and download speeds, I havet ried all the optimizers for windows, etc. I am at the point now where I have contacted WILD BLUE to have them send a tech out to look at it. The Bad thing that I have found is no one is willing to give me any info as far as what coordinates are for aiming the dish , or what type signal I should be getting. or even how to go about checking alignment... I was an Electrical Contractor for over 30 years , I think I can point a dish as well as the next guy....If anyone out there has any info that might speed up this otherwise VERY SLOW Satelite connection ..PLEASE I am all eyes and ears

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What speeds are you suppost to be getting from Wild Blue and what are you receiving?  Is your internet speed changing throughout the day?

I see here http://www.wildblue.com/forYourHome/

ValuePak = 512/128Kbps

SelectPak = 1Mbps/200Kbps

ProPak = 1.5Mbps/256Kbps

While I dont know alot about Satalite, I do know it is often the connection with the most Latency.  I might suggest that you look in the WildBlue forums if you have not already.

>>  http://www.testmy.net/b-78 <<

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