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HELP!: Return of the box.


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Yes I had this problem before right before I reformatted and I dont want to reformat again to fix it. Can anyone tell me why it is doing this. Only happens with 1.6 engine based games.

Watch the video it tells mostly whats wrong. But anyways, Wherever my cursor is there is a floating box with a stuck image inside of it. This only happens when in the game, not in windows at anytime. When I switch it to D3D Rendering mode it works fine but this sacrifices performence, I have the latest graphical drivers.

Specs: (look in CPU-Z for more)

3.4ghz p4

nvidia 6800

3000 mb DDR ram.

VIDEO LINK *watch please*: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8632238816204939748

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Blah, Im sorry guys. I always seem to figure things out right after I post.

I recentaly installed my ATI Wonder drivers for my TV Card and this is what causes that. Did a system restore and now its fine. But  you can help me by trying to figure out how I could have the drivers installed and still not have this problem.

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