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I can never get speeds more than 100kbps ....


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i am new to this lil forum thingy and i have done some reserch and have tryed many things..... im running a DW6000 and i cant seem to ever get this thing running fast..... ever lol... whenever i dl something it seemes to slow down and either go 100kbps for like 20 min ... or simnply drop off to 4kbps and completly sux..... lol    but i was wondering if i could get some help on this....also seems tcp optimizer dosent do anything for me ... as to everything else i do lol

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Well.. Welcome to the forums... Direcway speeds are not impressive.. as you can see, but the TCPoptimizer can make a difference, try the post that "The Rev" made and follow that, i would reccomend using internet exp, usually best speeds are associated to that.. firefox is great but its just a fad.. Imho.. And the reason your downloads "Suck" is because direcway monitors your bandwith usage, and they "Fap" you also known as "Fair Acces Policy". head over to www.mydirecway.com and click "CHeck your usage" and u can see if you have been fapped.. usually when u drop to 4kbps.. thats being fapped =P also.. download getright..  or some other download manager.. since fapping runs on a 4 hour time, try to limit your download speeds or when it drops to 4kbps.. stop it and wait 4 hours = / Thats the best advice i can give you since i also had this problem, its hard from going to 3.0mbps cable to .5mbps satalite.. But.. im just glad i dont have to have dialup.. Hope i helped.. atleast a bit


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