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Hey all!

I was thinking back to my time using various Linux os' last year, and remembered they allowed a higher download speed than XP Pro did at the time. I know many people put Windows down as a memory hogging sack of the proverbial, but would an OS make that much difference to internet speed? I eventually went back to Windows cause i was in the middle of exams etc, and needed an OS I was familiar with (though it was fun learning command lines-you can learn so much about how an OS works just by telling it where to install Java, lol!).

I'll probably put in a Linux partition on my HDD at some point anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it.



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:) No IMO the download speed will be determined by the Cap from your ISP, of course any O.S. must be set up for optimum speeds. I'm sure ya will hear from ppl that have a different opinion, but again the speed difference if any will be minimal. Good question and I hope you enjoy the site and tell your friends about TESTMY.NET.... :)

8) Microwave

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Guest helloimtim

Speaking from personal experience and lots of tweak attempts :shock: xp sure seems to have dsl tweaked the best. Xp by default has the best settings for dsl. Thats for me anyway. Others may vary??

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