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help with router / switch setup

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i have 3 routers. a linksys, netgear, and one that verizon gave me with fios. i turned the linksys & netgear into switches but have a simple question. right now i have a straight network cable going from port on verizon router to port on linksys & netgear, is there a way to configure hardware or software to go form port on verizon router to uplink port on netgear & linksys switch instead of using up a port. so port to uplink instead of  port to port. thanks for any help/input.

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The short answer is yes.. You can do this however, your are going petty much place your computer on two different network.  So communicating between them, unless you write routing rules and if the router support that, will be impossible.

To do this you are going to take the Verizon router and use it as the main router, which I think you are already doing...  Then on the Netgear router assign it a static IP address.  This has to be something that is in the Verizon Router's DHCP range.  So if the Verizon router is releasing IP addresses between you need to pick an address to use as the IP address for each Router.

Then on both the Netgear and the DLink hardware you need to make sure that DHCP is not assigning over the top of that range. So neither, using the IP range above, can issue addresses between  This will allow you to use DHCP on the network for clients.  As far as using them just as switches..  You can try turning off DHCP on the Dlink and Netgear hardware and see if the Verizon equipment will issue an address.

I attached a picture on how I have done this in the past but it creates two separate networks.

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yes i have it done excatly how you said. verizon is main and dhcp and netgear & linksys both have static ip's and have dhcp turned off, and it works. the question was is there a way to connect the netgear & linksys routers (now acting like switches) to the the main router (verizon router) using the uplink port on the netgear & linksys instead of using one of the ports.

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