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  1. hahaha smartbro will not charge me if i will decide to cut my connection.
  2. SMBRO -- 384 kbps bursting speed, WR512 --- bursting speed of 512 kbps... If you can access your account @ the portal.smartbro.net, it's there indicated.
  3. @pancake great speed. did u tweak that already with 20 steps to speedup smartbro right? clearly it works.hehe
  4. @swimmer I just want to addon Quote from a reading in a website, this is the link: http://www.silicon-press.com/briefs/brief.80211/index.html "The two variants 802.11a and 802.1b standard are essentially similar. Because they operate in different frequency bands, 802.11a and 802.11b * do not interfere with each other, but * they are not compatible with each other. " 802.11a ---- op. freq of 5 GHz and 802.11b ----- op. freq of 2.4 GHz.
  5. @swimmer thanx for your quick answer, I just like to share with you this portion of a reading material and just visit here http://www.terena.org/events/archive/tnnc/1B/1B3/1B3.html for complete details. "The benefits of the system are: 5.7GHz is a new and unused frequency which will not interfere with 2.4GHz, our test show that half-duplex bandwidth for UDP packets of 1500 bytes is approximately 9Mbps for up to 13km, and the equipment cost is a little more than a wireless client using Aironet equipment. The difficulties are: 5.7GHz does not have the same range as 2.4GHz (increasing frequency means greater signal attenuation over distance), a parabolic antenna is required for distances of more than 2km, and cable length is very limited because of high signal loss with coaxial cabling at 5.7GHz. "
  6. Hello @dlewis Did you know that SMARTBRO uses motorola canopy lite (as their standard device) operates at 5.7 GHz? Did you know that a device operating at 2.4 GHz band won't interfere with a 5.7 GHz band? Did you know that a signal will only interfere if they are operating at the same band of frequency? just want to ask for your clarification.
  7. Lolz Even if you insist that you mean to that monitor as "radio comm equipment" operating at 2.4 Ghz, still won't affect / interfere with the motorola antenna / canopy. SMARTBRO uses motorola canopy lite operating at 5.7 GHz .
  8. @swimmer That is too ideal, but in real sense even a meter allowance for the radius will not matter.
  9. @coolbuster the PC monitor's operating frequency is not 2.4 GHz... it's operates only at MHz range! :2funny:
  10. @swimmer In a very short distance (in the case of beldeti, only 23 m distance to the base station with a clear visual line of sight, the fresnel zone radius is only 0.85 meter. With that the effect of fresnel zone is not that big deal given that it has a very clear visual line of sight from antenna and the base station will likely to have a clear radio line of sight. calculation of fresnel zone radius: http://www.terabeam.com/support/calculations/fresnel-zone.php#meters
  11. @Swimmer right pc monitor radiates EMI, but my point is, buster said that it operates 2.4 GHz seems to be wrong. on the next issue, about the LOS, yes have to deal with fresnel zone (ideal case) but for practical purposes a 23 meter distance to the base station fresnel zone will not that big deal.
  12. I just quote for review purposes, btw it's my first time to read that old post. should i be blame him that he wasn't " successful "? beldeti clearly stated "Still no improvement". Can you deny that???
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