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DW4000 Performance Degradation/tmn download test


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I have a problem I started noticing about a week ago. Web pages start to load and ie explorer says 'done' on bottom left but page is blank. I hit the 'X' buttom to stop and most of the page displays.

I then went to TMN and did a download speed test. Just as another user described in another post, the download is choppy. The smartest goes right thru the smallest download and then proceeds to the next one. This next one is choppy. I'm not used to that. Used to be able to use the largest size and it cranked right thru with little pausing and I got speeds of around 1000 to 1200 Kbps. Now I only make it thru the second size test, choppy and get around 200 to 300 Kbps. At times it will hit ~600 but that's not the norm.

All the usual suspects have been checked like virus scan, netstat to check what connections are being used etc. I have a network packet monitor tool to watch what packets are going back and forth. There are a lot of packets between and, multicast involving the HPEP. There are also packets from to I used McAfee firewall to block those but it didn't help. I turned off McAfee firewall and used windows firewall, no help. Powered off the dw4000 modems for a long time, overnight even, no help.

About a month ago, the SAT connection quit working completely. I re-aimed the dish, pain in the rump because I ended up having to go into manual pointing and re-doing the xpol test but passed it eventually. Still no connection. Then did a web setup and afterwards it started working. I noticed also that I was assigned a new IP and gateway. The satellite I'm using is G11_1370_21k. It's been in the last week or 2 that this new problem has surfaced.

I'm at a loss for what the problem is. Customer Service says the minimum is 200 Kbps and since I'm getting that, no problem.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?

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FWIW, I ended up reloading the DWay software after uninstalling and re-installing the USB controllers on my system. Speeds are more consistent in the 600-700  Kbps range. Previously, there were very long delays in transmits. I was able to determine using the dway diagnostics that USB was not transmitting all the packets to the tcp/ip layer. Pathping always showed 50%+ packet loss pinging the first hop/router in the dway network.

Enuf time spent on this one for sure.

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Hughes is trying to completly phase out the 4000. If you intend on continuing with satellite you really need to upgrade your modem to a DW7000 or HN7000S. No software installed in your PC needed to run these. A couple of die-hards that I thought never would and are real knowledgeable have made the switch, why not you?

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