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How do I find my ISP info?


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Hello all, I was wondering how I go about locating my ISP info. Specifically the download/upload limits or whatever..

I did a download test, which I found a bit disturbing.


It also says, "May need help : running at only 27.23 % of your hosts average (Cox.net)"

My ISP is Cox, but I don't know which package I have.. :idiot2:

The results should be better, I feel. Then again, that's why i'm here as I have little knowledge in this area..

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Thanks for the reply. :smiley:

I see the different "speed tiers", but don't remember off hand if I have the Premier(Download:12 Mbps.... Upload:1 Mbps) or the Preferred( Download:7 Mbps.... Upload:512 Kbps)..  I have a feeling that it's the preferred tier..

Oh, i'm in Arizona, and i'm on cable through a modem at my house. The computer is a Dell XPS410, if that makes any difference..

I'll check out the speed at my parents house(same ISP, 10 miles away, older/slower computer) sometime this weekend just to see what they have..

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