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Thanks...Now I am getting good speed

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Well I guess that was getting excited over nothing as my speeds are far less when I clear my cache first....

here is one of the better scores with cache cleared....


back to the drawing board I guess

I tested it many times...never got over 6000 kpbs

I really thought I had it going good too.


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First...let me say thanks for the help.

after using this einsteins2.css I am getting results ranging from 6.1 mbps to 7.7mbps.

I am clearing the cache each time before I start. Is this type of inconsistency normal?

It also seems like the first run after a new file is installed id always the fastest...I do clear the cache before that one also.

The readings seem to creep downward each test until I hit a bottom avg.

This last time it was around 6.1mbps as I stated above.

Upload is rock steady at 59kb/s

Thanks again for your help on this....


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