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Its better to call first.....


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I have a uncle who I love to death. He has had the same "roommate" for 20 years. We call him aunt ron. While my uncle will never come out as it were, everyone knows and thats cool. I love him. He is a good guy.

Well one night I stop by to say hello. OHHHHHHHHH I will never do that again. I go to the door and some guy lets me in. I am gonna have bad dreams about what I saw for sometime. It was wall to wall guys dancing, kissing, it was wall to wall homo"s. Now what the hell do I do. Well some dude is heading my way. I decide I will be polite but he grabs my butt or whatever I am gonna hit him in the mouth.

I hear someone say hey someone new is hear. My uncle comes from down the hall and the look on his face, I felt bad. I had no idea. He bolts to me and waves the dude heading for me off. He takes me outside. We shoot the shit, I apologize, promise to call next time, He kept saying he was sorry, I told him the family would never know. Its none of there business. I went back in and hung out a bit. My uncle was cool. Introduced me as his nephew, the guys chilled out, stopped the dancing and kissing and such. Nice guys. Had fun. I noticed my shoe was untied. God forgive me. No way am I gonna bend over and tie it in that room. I left. A phone call is a good thing..........

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