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first off id like to say your community here is very helpful, and professional about it. i live in washington and use comcast cable      ( 6dl n 1.5ul). our connection fluctuates or drops terribly. so i did cablenut on my streamlined pc (14 processes). i was amazed at goin from a 6 to a 16dl at times, of course my fluctuation has now jump up a few clicks lol. problem i have found is my upload went from a 1.5 consistantly to a .3 or .5. why is this??? i game and the upload has turned gaming to shit. if all i did was dl porn then id be in heaven! to verify its not an isp issue my pc downstairs speed tests consistantly 6dl and 1.5ul. both connected to same router.

next issue ive come across is tracerts. ive had several techs to the house about connection issues with internet and tv. we ran tracerts and i time out at 1st hop always, tech told me this was standard protocol. not to mention that i get alot of miss hops in my area, consistantly. what do i do????

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

© Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Tracing route to testmy.net []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    *        *        *    Request timed out.

  2    8 ms    *        8 ms  GE-1-1-ur01.bellevue.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.


  3    *        8 ms    *    te-9-3-ar01.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.86


  4    9 ms    11 ms    *    te-9-2-ar01.seattle.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.8


  5    10 ms    9 ms    11 ms  te-7-2-ar02.seattle.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.8


  6    11 ms    11 ms    11 ms  COMCAST-IP.car1.Seattle1.Level3.net [


  7    9 ms    9 ms    11 ms  te-3-2.car1.Seattle1.Level3.net []

  8    11 ms    18 ms    17 ms  ae-31-51.ebr1.Seattle1.Level3.net []

  9    19 ms    18 ms    17 ms  ae-1-100.ebr2.Seattle1.Level3.net []

10    38 ms    38 ms    35 ms  ae-2.ebr2.Denver1.Level3.net []

11    41 ms    38 ms    37 ms  ae-1-100.ebr1.Denver1.Level3.net []

12    54 ms    55 ms    50 ms  ae-2.ebr1.Dallas1.Level3.net []

13    *      51 ms    *    ae-14-53.car4.Dallas1.Level3.net []

14    51 ms    62 ms    52 ms  THE-PLANET.car4.Dallas1.Level3.net []

15    52 ms    52 ms    52 ms  te7-2.dsr02.dllstx3.theplanet.com []

16    54 ms    52 ms    52 ms  7a.fd.5746.static.theplanet.com []

17    63 ms    52 ms    61 ms  po1.car03.dllstx6.theplanet.com []

18    52 ms    52 ms    52 ms  7d.b6.344a.static.theplanet.com []

Trace complete.

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furthermore if im going to undo cablenut settings, which of the four ccs files do i use? and should i stick with just using fasterpageloading, increasebuffer, and disableDNScaching tweaks?

never heard of this css files

use the one that brings a better balance between download and upload

with regards to your tracert there is nothing you can do about it, complain to your isp

say you have packet drops constantly and instead of a tracert ip do a pathping ip

this will show you better packets being dropped and where

if you have a 6Mb download connection u will never get a 16mb download speed

u might be able to increase by 10% or so but not by that much

does comcast have the power boost

if it does you could experience faster speeds due to that

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hehehe i'll say! whatever it is, the download becomes truly impressive with cablenut and calculator. it's just my steady 1.5 upload turned into a steady .2 after the tweak. and there lies my problem, i guess maybe i'll try running calculator again, see if some different properties come up...

oh and i found this little gem on the forums here, brilliant tutorial on XP. ive trimmed my processes to 14 doing the blackviper tutorial (which is only cashed now). it is the second part of this post coincidentally, "bv" is a little easier to follow. but the 1st half of the post was very useful!!! thought i'd include it here in case some of us haven't stumbled onto it :)


(I SUGGEST POWER USER COLUMN. and remember NOT turning off services in MSCONFIG only pertains to XP services, by all means kill your 3rd party software installed here to free up hardware resources :)


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