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Soccer fan shot, riots ensue.


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Well, a fan got himself shot in his car (supposedly by a warning shot(how does a warning shot end up killing a bystander?)) as police try to quell a brawl between opposing soccer fans. now there are riots at several games all over italy.

the interesting thing is the way the headlines from other news sites carry this:

Washington Post

Riots Ensue After Soccer Fan Is Killed - 51 mins ago

Factually correct and informative


Soccer Fan Killed, Hundreds Riot - 1 hr ago

still factual, "Soccer Fan Killed" is a bit out there.

Daily Mail

Italian policeman shoots dead Lazio supporter after football fans' clash - 1 hr ago

Huh? so was the fan that got shot already dead after a clash? after what clash? the riots or the small initial incident?

Factualism sacrificed on the altar of sensationalism.


Cop kills soccer fan in 'tragic error' - 1 hr ago

"Cop Kills Soccer Fan" and run that blinking in 32 point bold sans serif!!!!!

Telegraph Fan killed as football riots sweep Rome - 1 hr ago

again, confusing. the fan was killed before the football riots swept rome, not during or afterwards.

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The riots tell me they want to be shot. But then again, that's just me. :police:

from what i pieced together from the media outlets is that there was one incident between "fans" that the police wanted to quell. a fan sitting in his car got shot by the police. possibly a warning shot. later games were postponed but still there were riots in the street and one game had to be called off after 10 minutes because the fans stormed the pitch. (that's field to you).

the whole thing turned quite ugly.


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