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Decrease system loading time by changing network settings

When you start up your computer and you are connected to a LAN and your computer is set to DHCP and your computer has to search for the DHCP server and then request and IP address and all other configuration.  This process takes up some time and slows down the time it takes to boot the computer up.  Following the directions below will help your set a static IP address.  Even if your ISP says to use DHCP this tweak may still work for you, but you are warnned!

  1. Click Start and click on Run.

  2. Type command in the text box and click OK.

  3. In DOS, type ipconfig and hit enter.

  4. This will show you your current IPs that your NIC and PPPoE adapters have. Only pay attention to your Ethernet Card Adapter, not to the PPP adapter.

  5. Next, right click My Network Places and select Properties from the drop down menu. This will open up the Network Connections window. In here, locate your Local Area Network connection and right click it, select Properties from the drop down menu.

  6. When the next Window that opens up, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties at the bottom.

  7. In the next window, click 'Use the following IP Address'.  This is where that DOS window comes in handy. Copy the same exact IP Address from your Ethernet card (in the dos window) and place it where it says IP Address. Same goes for the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. If your Default Gateway is blank, then just leave it blank. Click Ok, then Ok again.

  8. In the DOS window type exit dos then enter. Reboot your machine.

Now there is absolutely NO loading. You can connect as soon as you see your desktop.

Quick Note: If you use DHCP (Dynamic IP Address) to connect to the net, you may find that your net connection does not work after this. So if some day your network connection stops working, just go back into the NIC card properties and select automatically get IP address and reboot.

taken from: http://www.tweakxp.com/article37065.aspx

guys do you think this is safe to do w/ our smartbro?

(@ mods: please edit this topic if i had posted a link that should not be posted thanks)

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