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  1. hello there pal i just wanna show the difference between test sizes. because i always get that 400-600kbps speed when i try to test it w/ smaller test size. but whenever i use a larger or largest test size, i think it gives me the (real deal ) much accurate results (300+kbps). as what momma t always said, "try testing w/ a larger file" or just ignore my post heh but it's up to you whether you like to test w/ small or a larger file. it doesn't matter (does it momma t?)
  2. 11:42 am no proxies, just tcp optimizer here's the real deal (look at the test sizes used) fair enough huh?
  3. the problem is that his automatic updates were set to download automatically and maybe he installed it w/o checking what updates are to be installed. that update is called microsoft genuine advantage blah blah if im not mistaken and once that update is installed, you cannot uninstall it from the control panel. my cousin's pc have that validation update on his pc and every time it pops out in his system tray w/ a star-like colored blue icon. yesterday, my pc downloaded that update but i unchecked it and set the option to never download it again (something like that when you don't want an update to be installed)
  4. guys i want to make a request to anybody of my friends here to kindly create a simple tutorial on changing AP's to help our growing smartbroken community here in TMN to achieve better internet connection. it's up to you on how you wanna do the tutorial and please include brief explanations or descriptions to make it more understandable for our new members. hope that this request will be granted as an advance Christmas gift! thanks!
  5. just follow these instructions okay? 1. access your canopy 2. go to tools then AP Evaluations Tab 3. take note of the index number. then find that AP. (note: that index numbers starts from zero and so on like 0, 1, 2, 3) 4. take note and post the values of RSSI, Jitter, and Sector UserCount of your current AP
  6. do you have access to your canopy? did you tried changing from one AP to another?
  7. no problem. we're here to help each other did you followed those instructions? any improvements on your part?
  8. ask them (electric provider) nicely. or make a request from smartbro to re-orient your antenna because of those cable wires blocking your LOS. there's no harm in asking (trying)
  9. what do you mean? please elaborate
  10. Thursday 9:14am love the speed but hate the limited connectivity every time i open my pc
  11. hello and to the forum! please enjoy your stay here follow these instructions first. http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-4257 after that go here http://www.testmy.net/t-18616 and here http://www.testmy.net/t-21175 then post your results here http://www.testmy.net/t-18214
  12. yah, you can't blame the man coz i think that pldt lines are not that easy to fix. my friend told me that it takes a week to fix their internet. what if that man is a smartbro subscriber? can't imagine what would he have said other than "tang-ina"
  13. you're right there. she should have ended the conversation the moment she heard that bad word. or atleast, gave a warning to that man. poor csr
  14. it is on smartbro's and not on ou :tickedoff:r end. i am scheduled for a field visit this friday because of that crappy limited connectivity issue everytime i open my pc. i wonder what would the tech's gonna do this friday? change my AP again and again? and would argue again to me that every AP can handle over 200 users even though they know that it is already congested and would still transfer me there?
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