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Cox night time slow speed?????

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yes,,huge improvement.....one question- how do i tell if a packet is timinng out...and exactly what does this mean... oh,,,another question if you don,t mind..how does one tell if a cable modem is bad???

An easy way you can tell if you have packets timing out by ICMP tests -- ie. ping, traceroute.  Let me know if you want any further detail on how to perform or interpret these.

A modem is ultimately bad if it doesn't maintain a connection to the internet or doesn't connect at all.  But it can be bad in less noticeable ways.  For example, it's signal and power levels may be off, which may cause irratic behavior and signal quality.  Also, it may be flapping, which means that it is not maintaining a good quality connection with the server.  You can log into to check the signals and post them back here for us to see.  Otherwise, call your ISP tech support and request escalations until you are satisfied you are speaking with somebody at or above your own technical knowledge level.

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