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can you make a simple exe file or program....


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If you can make a simple program or exe here is something to play with that many I believe would find useful.

1. The program or exe file would alow the user of xp to simply right click on any icon and find the path and file associated with the icon. As well right click on the name of the file in the start, all programs menue.

Example, they download itunes, icon is on the desk. They want the folder and or the path the program itself is in. Right click on the icon, select "find target" and poof it shows up for you, even opens the folder. Or go to start, all programs, find the name itunes, right click and it will show the path and open the folder for you.

2. How I do it. I have the dill file needed which I will attach to this post. Right click register it, then put the dll file in a random folder and just forget about it. Works well.

   Make a simple program that will register the dll file and place the dll file in a folder in xp. May be nuts but really think some would find it useful. Took alot of looking and searching to find out how to do this. I don't know that do you think??

I put the dll file in the windows folder, registerd it from there, works fine. Just did it to make sure I was right and explained right how I did it.

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I had the same line of thought on that one. Til my gf and someone else was playing around with my computer. Saw the find target and just had to have it on there computer. They find or found?? It easier. As well most average users will not play to deep in the right click. So they don't know to go to properties, then find target.

As soon as I figure out the best way to edit that right click menue, The name I will probally change on mine to something silly. Just something to goof off with.

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