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  1. I remember audrey used to give me a hard time. anyway, try human resources, very easy system, even if you need a program for it.
  2. Where do you study? The project and it's particulars are very familiar. I might be able to help.
  3. I also think that work in web developing is more plentiful.
  4. Ok,i'll be adding in CSS, thanks for your input. My school sucks, CSS and PHP is not in the curriculum.
  5. Thanks for all your comments. I'll look into PHP, Perl, and Python.
  6. I forgot to include VB, SQL and Javascript, I also already know them. I was thinking of Perl or Python. But, when I get to work, won't it be a waste of time? I say that since other programmers I know only pick one PL, stick with it and specialize on it.
  7. I am a student in computer science and have great interest in programming. I know C, C++, and Java. I just want to ask our programmer members if they think that I need to expand to more programming languages, since I think I will be taking a break this coming semester, and planning to do some self studying at home.
  8. what do you mean it's just hanging around? It isn't being used? And also
  9. yeah, sometimes you got to be hard. I still can't forget when I got my connection, all I offered the contractors was water. Usually, we invite strangers to meals, or at least offer them sandwiches. The plumber, electrician, people from church, anyone who visits.
  10. If that's possible, then many subscribers would like to have a rebate too. i'd say, I'm not satisfied for a whole year lol.
  11. Here's what you do. Ask them to realign it, then supervise them on how to do it properly. Have one on the roof rotating the antenna and another one constantly checking the APs available. Watch over and don't let them say it's done until the AP you get is good enough(jitter 1-4, RSSI 600-700+)
  12. Have you tried calling smart to realign your antenna?
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