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cant acess my router help!


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i have a linksys router when i installed mine it installed to a different ip address.... instead of the normal you need to set your router to a different access address because the default address is used by direcway. maybe if you disconnected the direcway and then access your router to change the ip then reconnect direcway.,....

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I have a DLink router, and I had to set it for 192.168.1.* before connecting to the 6000, In the router I set it to use the ip of as static for the WAN. This seems to work out ok...

Try disconnecting the 6000 then acessing the router to change things...

Here is a little info on set up:

Q: I already have a router. How do I use it with the DW6000 Consumer version?. (#8505) 

A: If you already own a router, and want to use it here are two methods.

1. This method is easy and will not add an extra layer of NAT to your network, but will eliminate all of your router's routing and firewall features:

Connect the DW6000 to a LAN port on the router. Connect all your computers and devices to LAN ports on the router. Leave the WAN port empty. Go into your router's configuration and disable its DHCP feature. Change the LAN IP of the router to be on the same sub-net the DW6000 is on so you can get back into the configuration screen again later if you need to. You will want to pick an IP that is not likely to be issued by the DW6000 to any other device on the network. should work.

You router is now acting as a switch. All computers and devices on the network will get their IP's from the DW6000.

2. This method will preserve the router's routing and firewall features, but will add a second NAT layer to your network. Under most conditions, you will never notice a difference in performance anyway.

Connect the DW6000 to the WAN port of the router. Connect your network PC's and devices to the router's LAN ports. Go into the router configuration. Give the router a static WAN IP on the same subnet as the DW6000. should work. Use as the subnet mask. Enter as the Default Gateway.

Now give the router an IP on a different sub-net for its LAN IP. should work. Use as the sub-net mask. If you are going to use your router to issue IP's on your network, set up its DHCP server to hand out IP's in the - range. The default gateway for LAN clients will be the router at Use whatever DNS server(s) you like. and are two DirecWay DNS servers you can use. Set up each of your computers to obtain an IP address automatically.

If you are setting static IP's for the clients, put them in the - range with the default gateway being and an appropriate DNS server or two.

Or you can forego all of that and buy a switch. :-)

Hope this helps 


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