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canopy tweaking


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hi guys! sino ba pwede makatulong sa akin? gusto sana magpalit ng access point sa canopy ko kaya lang may problem ako, napasok ko na yung homepage ng canopy ko then i'll try to change my color code then save changes and reboot, after that balik ako sa online connection ko pumasok sa smartbro portal nung na enter ko na ung username and password it says that new configuration detected, account has been disconnected.

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Enzone26. we welcome you to testmy.net

Inasmuch as we would like to help you troubleshoot your internet connection problems, forum rules dictate that you must post in ENGLISH ONLY so other nationalities will be able to understand - TMN requires you to do so.

regarding your query: the problem now is...your canopy sm does not allow you to roam. meaning, you have been locked on in your current AP. 'tis unusual since most of smartbro users can easily change color codes as long as we are able to access the module.

just go back to your original color code (access point) in the canopy page.

i hope other guys here who had a similar experience can share their thoughts and how they were able to solve it.  :smiley:

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good day! sir coolbuster thanks for your response in my question and i would like to apologies for not posting in english, since i cant change my ap in my canopy i would like to thank you again for your 20 steps in smartbro tweaking, it helps to me a little improvement in my internet connection, especially changing the setting in QoS tab, but i would like to resolve my problem in changing ap, sir follow up question it is posible that the canopy software that im using has an ability to block my ap changing here is my version "CANOPY 8.1.5 SM-DES"

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I cant access my smartbro canopy.is there a way to reset it by accessing the canopy itself?before

i can get my canopy's ip address,but after sometime it was already blocked,need help from all wizards like

you guyz.Many thanks.By the way,thanks for all the info on tweaking my canopy speed.I really appreciate

all your magic or logic i could say

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