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I really HATE this BROKE ISP!!


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i am having a choppy connection right now guys.. and i wonder why?? ( It is 4 hours overall i use my pc but only for 1 hr i can use NET what!!? And I am the only one who are experiencing this in our neighborhood..

what is this PREPAID? EVEN im using Antenna eh.??

BUT now i figure it out...


i really hate their selfish STRATEGIES!

a friend of my BRO said they experienced this when they havent paid the bills for only 1 month

then they got choppy connections.. so thats the stupid style of smart bro?

they cut your connection when you delay your payment and when you are paid already..the months that i cant use NET are still included in my BILLS...i understand there is an interest in paying if you are late but why are they using this kind of billing? THERE are MANY other WAYS right??

Like sending you a letter.. or a bill .. or a notice ..

I hate it when they just cut off my conn w/o notice..


dont delay your bills or it will just give you an headache..

instead of slow conn only.. you'll get no connection at all!

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