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manually eliminate cmd.exe-net.exe-net1.exe registry errors on my computer, plea

Alain DansPlace

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Hello, can anyone help me to resolve this problem from my computer please ? When i start my computer, it takes it almost 30 minutes for my desktop icons to appear, and then i get almost , anywhere  from 100 to 300 times i have to click ok, to get them to get off my desktop screen, after about 30 - 40 minutes later i am able to use my computer quite effeciently, but i need help to rid of these registry errors and all these apparant free scans, they are free but then they want you to register to upgrade to get rid iof these errors , so please tell me how i may manually get rid of them , please, if you can help me OHHHHH ! I do have dedaulus registry scan program, free from the internet, which is a good program, but for some reason they dont seem to get rid of  - cmd.exe- net1.exe - net.exe, please help me , thanks, Alain DansPlace

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Can anyone please help me to rid of registry errors, net1.exe - cmd.exe - net.exe , manually from my computer, anyone know any free software that works without having to pay, Heyyyy, im stubborn, but why not, just gives me more knowledge, because, as the saying goes, the cure to knowledge is curiousity, curiousity has no cure, Ha Ha ! Can anyone help me please, thanks

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Try this one

How to error-check:

1. Double click the my computer icon on the desktop. The my computer window will open. Right click on Local Disk (C:). Click properties.

2. Select the tools tab. Under the error-checking section click check now.

3. A window will pop up with options check the two boxes then click start.

4. It will say that it will run at the next restart. So restart the computer. This process will take a while (20 minutes). It will reboot itself when it is finished.


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