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Question about Dota LAN minor lag problem,Please help!!!


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I own a computer shop of 8 clients and a server, my clients runs on Intel Pentium dual Core 1.8Ghz, Asus motherboard, 512 DDR2, ATI Expandable 128 videocard(relies on my 512 DDR2 to be 256Mb), 80Gb HD, and Windows XP SP2 OS, My problem is that when my plyers play Dota on LAN i can see that there is quite a lag happening in the game a 0.5 delay maybe.(about 30:100 in ratio of the time of the game) I run my Dota in 1024x768 16bit mode and the only HIGH optin is the Texture so the game may look good graphically. please help me with this problem guys...TNX

*I'm using a Linksys wireless G router model no.WRT54G and a D-link 16 port swith Hub

I'm using a cafe timer also.

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Guest dzep007

i see your video card is 128mb and converted to 256mb with your 512 DDR memory card,

try to use a lower resolution, try to use 640x480x16 thats the resolution i use even though i have 512mb video card.

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