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Could my HughesNet IP have been HiJacked??


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i have noticed that HNS has only a static IP address for the modem itself. well since having my HughesNet internet service, i have had an email address, eBay account, and two PayPal accounts hijacked. within the two PayPal's i have lost $600 that PayPal says cannot be returned. also, charges made to the PayPal account have been made under the name of the other account, which i have not made. furthermore, the account with $500 wasnt address-verified, so that would mean services/products purchased can be mailed to whatever address the attacker wants, and under the name of the other PayPal account, which IS verified and trusted by eBay buyers/sellers.

could i have been IP hijacked? if so how can i stop the attacker and secure my IP address, if at all possible. when i had WildBlue the modem's IP was dynamic and so were the each computer's on my network. with stupid HughesNet it is static and is dynamic to my computers.

any help is greatly appreciated! thanks.

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Have you been in contact with HughesNet about this?

They should be able to track what information is coming and being sent from where, and since you lost a bit of money from paypal, they should be more than willing to help you, and also you should confront the police about this matter as well.

Other than that, I have no other information for you, just to follow up with HughesNet, and have them check the listings of logs they have for your internet.

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thanks for the reply. i have not contacted HNS about it. i dont assume they will care too much as i wouldnt doubt if they sell people's private information; seems like something they would do. but according to PayPal's documents, your money means nothing to them and if it is lost or stolen they dont care and cant be liable for it. its a shifty world these days and this crap happens everyday anymore. i may look further into it as $600 is quite a bit of money to have stolen out of a "secure" bank account. and about that, the only people who can possible have my bank account information is PayPal.. how suspicious is that? "We are not liable for any money that is lost or stolen" seems to me like they may know more than they are willing to say, and their Term of Agreement protects them from having to say it..

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