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My motorolla canopy wont boot


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I unforyunately do  not have an answer to your question, but I was wondering, where are you located. The reason I ask is that I also use the Canopy system to access the internet. SmartBro uses canopy but they are somewhere in the Carribean I think. I myself am in Louisiana.

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smartbro is in the philippines.

the 802.3 Link enable/disable is one setting in the canopy you should not alter. it is enabled by default. i understand you have a canopy with 7mb aggregate?

i suppose right now you cannot access the canopy webpage, do you? if you happen to disable the 802.3 link, one solution i know is to use the canopy default/override plug.  :smiley:

here are some provisions from the canopy user guide:

802.3 Link Enable/Disable

Specify whether to enable or disable Ethernet/802.3 connectivity on the wired port of

the SM. This parameter has no effect on the wireless link. When you select Enable, this

feature allows traffic on the Ethernet/802.3 port. This is the factory default state of the

port. When you select Disable, this feature prevents traffic on the port. Typical cases

of when you may want to select Disable include:

◦  The subscriber is delinquent with payment(s).

◦  You suspect that the subscriber is sending or flooding undesired broadcast

packets into the network, such as when 

−  a virus is present in the subscriber's computing device.

−  the subscriber's home router is improperly configured.

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