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Nero DVD burning error

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learn how to burn www.doom9.org

1. i use dvd decrypter (free download)  (saves movie to HDD)

2. i use dvd shrink 3.2 (free download) (compress movie to fit in single layer 4.7 GB dvd-r disk)

2.5 dvd shrink 3.2 needs to use nero to copy movie to dvd-r (once done IT WILL work in any dvd player, from my experience)

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I am trying to burn files I created which are VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2, VTS_01_3 ... and in the burning process I got an error about Bridge structure I think it may have been. Here attached is the Error Log it created

Copying the vts_xxx.vob files from a dvd and trying to burn them to your own dvd won't work. You need to rip those files from the dvd . The ripper will disable any copy protection and strip the region info. After ripping the dvd, you can then play those files from your hard drive with say something like PowerDVD or a similar program. PowerDVD or similar players will allow you to generate a playlist of the VOB files so that the movie plays continuously from VOB to VOB thru to the end.

To burn (backup) a movie to your own blank DVD you'll then need to process those files and convert to *.mpg. This can be a MPEG-1 (free) or (better quality) MPEG-2 ( the software upgrade/plugin for this cost a few bucks, not much...20 to 30 dollars. The MPEG-2 file will produce a superior copy. If you do it right, indistinquishable from the original DVD.

The three programs pitbull481 suggests is a good choice. Easy to use. But if you want to shoot for high quality mpeg-2, plus have control

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