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Will it increase my connection speed?


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At the moment I have TalkTalk up to 8mb IP and it is used by 4 computers... i get speeds of up to like 1mb at best :s

Im thinking to change my IP provider to cable virgin fibre optic 10mb. Will this increase my speeds?


Theoretically, YES it will. If you're seeing sub-part performance from your current connection though, you could have a bottleneck in your networking, such as your router, wireless etc. What's your setup? We can try to help determine if you're getting the most out of your current connection or if they've got some issue with the lines/service..

EDIT: Should be more clear, can  you run us through your network setup? IE DSL  modem-> Netgear VRT2991 Router -> wired connection to computer 1/2/4 wirless to 2/5/9 etc etc?

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