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Good day guys, just wanna know what a ping "ms" indicates? When i ping my DNS server addresses i usually get an almost constant "ms" at 35ms and 34ms. Whenever i ran speedtest at [this.site.has.been.banned.for.spammig], im getting ping "ms" always higher than my DNS "ms". What does a high "ms" mean? Is it a laggy connection? Is it still lag even if im getting 2.5Mbps but high "ms"? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Please don't post links from that site, thanks.

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Ping ms = Ping milli second.  1000 mili seconds = 1 second.

But that flash based test site never has the proper ping result. Just ignore that ping part.

Better to do a ping from from the cmd line.

Start, run, type in,  cmd ,then type ping and then a space and a web sites name or IP address. Or do a tracert . by typing tracert and a space instead of ping. Enables you to see what servers are slowing things down to your destination.

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